2050 – Planet saved by military

2050 – Planet saved by Military is a chilling tale of the future but still manages to retain humour and hope!

By 2050 years of complacency in England have come to an end, It is a time of disaster on all fronts, change in climate is seen on new high tide lines, in the stormy skies and flooded fields. Even mad extremists still survive in small pockets. The people are hungry, there are food shortages and even if you have a job you are unlikely to be earning a living wage.

Sid Shaw is a typical young adult, leading a mostly indoor existence, with his eyes glued to the latest online game, when he is shaken from his lethargy  by a call up for military service. The army needs part time cadets and Sid finds himself learning the rudiments of soldiering.

Martial Law is declared and the country has an ex-military Prime Minister, known as ‘The Admiral, who leads an alliance party. He will take whatever measures are needed to ensure the survival of England and for his efforts he receives great support from the general populace and military: perhaps not so much support from opposition MPs, criminals, global warming naysayers and religious fanatics

This is the story of Sid, an  English soldier who serves his country well, and it follows England’s battles, seen through Sid’s eyes;  and he sees much as an aide to The Admiral.

The three superpowers (US, Russia and China), driven by hash necessity and climatic catastrophes and after much negotiation, come to agreements on carbon reduction and territorial authority. Although the superpowers are cooperating, regional conflict is rife around the planet as everyone struggles to survive in an era when most national governments prove to be incapable of meeting the challenges that confront them.This forms an an entirely believable and intriguing backdrop to Sid’s adventures. It is the three global players that will really determine the future of the planet whichever way it transpires.

The Admiral saves England from invasive seas and internal enemies but he cannot stave off the attention of a superpower. They want English invention and manpower and have the high tech weaponry needed in the world of 2050. They want an overseas base to protect the airways.

That is why your English grandchildren will salute a new flag.

2050 - Military saves the Planet at Smashwords
2050 – Military saves the Planet at Smashwords

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